ReNew helps strengthen the souls of Christian leaders so they thrive in every season.

Many Christian leaders face a paradox: they enter ministry because they care about other people’s souls, yet in the course of doing ministry, they find it all too easy to neglect their own. We also know that leaders cannot lead others farther along the path of Christian maturity than they themselves have been willing to travel. Put those two facts together, and we face this stark reality: Too many leaders are tired or in danger of burning out spiritually, emotionally, and relationally, and their people aren’t experiencing the growth we would hope for in the depth and maturity of their faith.

ReNew is a ministry of NOVO that seeks to care for Christian leaders and guide them on the journey of spiritual transformation—a journey where doing things for God results from first abiding in God. As leaders find rest in abiding in God, they are then able to discern his ways and his invitations and respond to his “still small voice.” It is in this place of abiding with the Father and discerning his movement in and through their lives that they become agents of transformation partnering with God as He is making all things new! We accompany leaders as they discover and cultivate new depths in their relationships with God where they are more attuned to and refreshed by the work God is doing in them and through them, regardless of their circumstances.

We are a growing team of seasoned leaders with years of diverse ministry experience who are committed to helping other leaders experience the abundant life that Jesus promised. We are spiritual directors, coaches, consultants, and trainers. We are pastors and lay people, women and men. We walk as guides and companions alongside pastors, missionaries, Christian leaders and their spouses across the globe.