Grief Prayer Guides

We often think of grief as something we experience when someone dies. But the truth is that any change—no matter how big or small, how welcome or unwelcome—involves loss, and every loss involves grief. By intentionally walking with God through our experience of grief, we can open ourselves to the redemptive, healing, life-giving work that God can do in us through our grief.

To help you prayerfully process your grief, ReNew has created three prayer guides. Each of the prayer guides are designed to be used for personal journaling reflection or for small group sharing. They are over 30 pages long, with seven sections.

To purchase one or more of our grief prayer guides, please contact us. Prices begin at $12 per copy, with discounts available for bulk orders.

  1. Journeying with God Through Grief and Loss: a guide for grieving any kind of loss

  2. Journeying with God Through Grief and Loss in Transitions: a guide for grieving the pain of a major life transition

  3. Journeying with God Through Grief and Loss in Church Transitions: a guide for all grief related to a church context


Prayer and Reflection Exercises

Would you like to deepen your relationship with God through prayer and reflection while cultivating a greater ability to discern how God might be speaking?

Sometimes it's helpful to have materials that help to guide and direct you along the way.  Whether you would like to experiment in some new patterns of daily prayer or whether you would like something to help guide you through an extended time with God periodically or for a retreat, we have several prayer and reflection exercises based off of various Scripture passages or topics that may be helpful for you, or we can create something that fits your needs.


Retreat Assistance & Materials

Want to take a personal retreat, but you're not sure where to start? Need some assistance with materials and other ideas that will help guide you through planning and/or taking personal retreat?

Whether you need a lot of assistance or just a little, we can guide you in a variety of ways. We can help you figure out a setting, schedule or plan, or we can simply provide materials that might be helpful for you. Regardless of what you need, want to support you so that you can draw away and spend time with God with intention.