No matter the season of one’s life, ministry or soul, our commitment is to walk alongside pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, and their spouses to help them experience rest, renewal and transformation in the midst of the ongoing demands life and ministry bring.

Whether you’re weary, thriving or somewhere in between, we offer a safe environment for you to be heard and known as well as to discern and cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s transformational work.

Our team offers spiritual, emotional and relational support through spiritual direction, coaching, retreats, mentoring, and healing prayer. We also offer trainings on a wide range of topics in spiritual formation, grief work, individual and group discernment, the Enneagram personality model, and sabbaticals.

Spiritual Direction


Would you like help understanding what God is up to in your heart and life? Spiritual Direction is a confidential place where you get to explore and take next steps on your journey.

Spiritual direction is typically a monthly time set aside for an experienced director to help you pay attention to how you personally relate with God and God uniquely relates with you. It is practiced either one-on-one (in person or through Skype) or in groups of three or more. While therapy or pastoral counseling is focused on resolving a problem, spiritual direction brings a wide and gentle lens on how God is moving in all of one’s life. Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes and usually occur monthly.

Many of those on our ReNew team are certified Spiritual Directors who have accompanied many leaders around the world in their relationships with God. We would love to serve you by listening and attending your soul alongside you. 

Personal Retreats


Need a day to get away to rest or some time for intentional renewal? Would you like suggestions designed just for you to connect more deeply with God and yourself?

We believe that for leaders to thrive in every season of their lives they must be fundamentally and deeply in tune with God. A personal retreat is an intentional way to keep that connection strong by taking time away from normal routine and the demands for our attention. It could be a morning, a day, or a week or more; the focus might be specific or broad. Our ReNew team loves to create these spaces for you to help you disconnect from the busyness and distractions of life and reconnect with God, who is the source of all life.

We offer group retreats that are oriented around a particular theme (e.g., Creative Prayer, Sabbath Rest, Hearing God’s Voice), or personally designed for you or your group. We love crafting a special time away for people to be with God and one another! ReNew staff can lead retreats so that all participants get to relax into the experience, or provide a customized detailed agenda for your own use.

Discernment Support


We know that as a Christian leader, you sincerely want to follow where God is leading—but it’s not always clear where that is. Having other people listen with you for God’s call can be tremendously helpful.

We offer discernment support to Christian leaders who are at key decision points in their life or ministry. Through a structured discernment process, we help you listen for what God is calling you to next. Using a number of tools (including prayer, assessments, and reflection exercises), we lead you through a process that will help you discern where God is leading you in life or ministry.

Ministry Transition Coaching


Transitions are challenging, and sometimes lonely.  An experienced guide can help you clarify and maximize what God is inviting in your life or ministry during this season of change.

ReNew staff includes trained coaches who enter into your story to offer partnership, encouragement and counsel at an individual level.  We pose questions to clarify and maximize what God is doing in you. Our coaches help leaders process life, relationship and ministry objectives. We empower you to effectively and wisely steward all that has been entrusted to you, and understand how your transition may bring shifts in your stewardship.

ReNew also serves as consultants to leaders, teams, and faith communities to navigate both planned and unexpected transitions. This might mean strategic focus on ministry/life balance for leaders and volunteers to avoid burnout. It could take the shape of discernment over how the group culture is changing or needs to. Or it could look like walking with a congregation though grief and loss from changes in leadership, recent conflict, trauma, or other hurts.  If you or your team are in a season of change, we would love to walk with you.

Sabbatical Support


Taking extended time away to rest, reflect, and retool for the next chapter of life and ministry can be a pivotal, transforming experience. But where do you start? ReNew offers Sabbatical Coaches who work with you before, during, and after your Sabbatical to help you craft and follow an intentional personalized plan.

A Sabbatical is longer than a retreat, and is usually several weeks to several months long. It may be a season between assignments, or it might be a necessary pause in order to simply rest or discern a new direction. Regardless of the reason, we believe that sabbaticals are sacred spaces brimming with possibility and discovery. A ReNew coach walks with missionaries, pastors, and ministry leaders throughout their entire process: deciding if a Sabbatical is timely, designing each stage, guiding the leader as they transition out of ministry and during their time away as well as helping them reintegrate back into life in a way that preserves the growth and learnings. We would be honored to help you glean the most from this significant investment of your time, energy, and heart as you immerse in God's rest and rejuvenation.

Spiritual Formation Workshops & Cohorts


Renew offers workshops, small groups, and cohorts as safe spaces for Christian leaders to be with peers for mutual support and formation. We offer a wide range of topics and contexts for deeper growth in community.

We also love designing events particularly for you and the leaders with whom you work.